For true purists, the actual Regency period is from 1811-1820 the time when George, Prince of Wales, ruled as 'Regent' to his father George III who suffered from bouts of 'madness'. To the rest of us, this period starts in the 1790's when Jane Austen began writing her wonderful novels and ends when Queen Victoria acceded to the throne in 1836 with a major a few major wars and political changes thrown in too! 

Either way, this is a sumptously romantic period of history embuded with the wonderful fashion of high waisted, diaphanous gowns, tight fitting breeches and yummy BBC adaptations of Jane Austen and Thackeray. 

Regency dances include: country dances, cotillions and quadrilles. J.A. herself notated many tunes and instructions for dances; she did proclaim that  'to be fond of dancing is a sure step to falling in love' (P&P)

Recently, I had the honour of working as choreographer and dance historian on the BBC documentary: 'Pride & Prejudice are Having a Ball' and have taught and acted as dancing master for numerous Regency balls and house parties including being 'Prinny' (George IV, Prince Regent himself) at Brighton Pavilion!


Dance in Regency England

The Dancing Master