The Dancing Master 

Edwardian / Ragtime: 

I love this period... Downtown Abby, Upstairs-Downstairs, Titanic, House of Elliot...ahhhh!

The couple dances that will become our modern ballroom dances, now seen on TV, have their roots in this period. The fashion for novelty and a capricious dances reflected the 'corset-less' gowns and the new electric-lit ballrooms- out with the old stuffy Victorian and in with the bright young things! Scott Joplin's iconic ragtime music got the feet tapping and strutting the 'cake calk' and 'one step'. If you are animal lover, then there is a whole menagerie of dances to whet you appetite, the: Grizzly Bear, Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, Ostrich Stomp, Fox Trot etc...

Some of the dances from this period:

  • waltz
  • two step
  • Mississippi dip
  • cake walk
  • ​maxixe